Here comes the action

I know, I know another uninformed blog hiatus. I’m sorry. It’s been 4 months since I last blogged. I’m more active on my Tumblr though. Check it out here. Though it’s mainly pictures since I’m generally lazy at writing stuff unless there is some motivation to do so. Finally done with my first year of degree. Time really passes so fast. Next year is going to be different. Now that I really think about it, I’m not sure if I can adjust to the fact that some of my friends and who’ve become close are leaving the country for studies. If only we don’t understand time.

A friend of mine posted this video claiming it to be super random, so naturally me loving randomness, checked it out and had my mind numbed at the first round that I had to watch it again…and laughed. Hit replay, and laughed even more. Perhaps of you may be offended, may even dislike it. So if you dislike randomness I suggest you go have some fries.

I present to you, ASDF.


You can’t deny it

AUGUST AUGUST AUGUST. I’ve only one word to describe though I know it has not ended but it is OVERWHELMING. I’ve never celebrated so many people’s birthday in a span of two weeks. And I think I’ve never celebrated so many friend’s birthday in a year. My batch has a lot of August babies. I think there are about 10 people. I’m not sure either. The past two weeks I’ve not had dinner once at home. Glad that I now can. Since it’s been about birthdays, birthday and birthdays and outings, I’ll just let the pics talk.

Next post, my face-off with the habanero chilli…

Finally back in KL again. And…I made to the FINALS of UNPLUGGED! Which was totally unexpected. So unexpected that when interviewed for my lineup next week I just blurted what I didn’t know. So now I have to do some homework so I can deliver what I promised. Meh. On a side note, the progress of my short film doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I totally forgot to include the word ‘imagine’ in the movie. I’m actually mulling a re-shoot. Maybe not.

I can’t wait to jam when my friends come back. I’ve got some new tunes created with my GT-8. I just want to experiment, experiment and experiment. Uni’s just around the corner. As of now I’m feeling pretty neutral. But I am sort of excited to see what will transpire in the next sem. Wakakaka. At the same time, the thought of friends leaving is like a gloomy phantom on my back.

I’m such a sucker when it comes to grocery shopping. I spent unreserved. I see this, it looks good, I take it. I spent more on food than on clothes. But I’ve always love food, always will. Ok, I shall disclose one item I bought. Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream (Ala Port) – RM30. Ok you can take out your throwing knives now.

I’ve been looking into old bands namely, The Hansons and The Moffatts. It’s kinda funny watching it now but just listening is a sweet reminiscence of younger days.

While browsing, the Justin Biebers then I found this

Now that’s a cool video.

I just realized how much I miss home.  I wish I could stay longer. Anyways, this month has been quite a busy one. At least I believe I’ve kept myself occupied. I’m been doing gigs and participating a short film competition organized by my university. The film now is in the process of editing and it hit me that, it’s more complicated than I expected. The narration come up short and now I have to figure a way to lengthen it. On top of that, I totally miss out one of the requirement of the competition which is to include the word ‘imagine’ throughout the film.

I feel productive and I feel good. I’m realizing the things I want to do. I hope the film turns out well. To you peeps, don’t worry, I’ll upload it online for your viewing pleasure or not 🙂

This Sunday I’ll be competing at ACTS Church’s Unplugged and I’ve prepared a piece for the show and I’m excited to show it. I was offered the opportunity to be the featured artist at Laila’s and that means pitis. Sadly, I deported myself.

I can’t wait to perform as band since I’m gonna bring my electric and my baby GT-8!

the world’s a joke when out of love.

Hi you all, I’ve finally set up a photoblog with which I plan to exhibit my pursue in photography. So you out there, show some love and support by dropping by my blog, leave a comment or two, like it or hate it whichever makes you happy.

I’ll be waiting.


Just about two weeks ago, I lost a friend to a tragic car accident. Four of his other family member lost their lives that day too. I witness you, Joash living a great life. A life I know our God delights tremendously in. God, I thank you for Joash. We may not know each other long, but You’ve used him to touch my life.

It’s funny how we walk on the earth yet you live down under,
You left us with dirt in our hands, tears in our eyes,
The mechanical sound of shovels digging into the earth with the gentle aria of Amazing Grace blending in,
Man, burying another man.

Life is short. Shakespeare said it well,

Life is but a brief’s candle.

Zombie at dawn

Awake now and awaiting Kent to pick me up along with the other for a day trip/food trip to Malacca. The semester’s finally over. And now I can finally put my legs up a bit and finally visit other parts of Malaysia. I’m excited. Will definitely write a post when I come back.

On a side note, if you love folk music, I recommend you Noah and the Whale. They remind me of Fleet Foxes.